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Out of the 88 cities in Los Angeles County, Glendale has the third largest population with almost 200,000 people.  Glendale prides itself with high quality educational, medical and their transportation services.  In this area you will find three hospitals and one county health center.  There are over 30 parks for recreation and 6 libraries.  Glendale's schools are in the Glendale Unified School District .

A Little History About Glendale California
Back in 1798 a Corporal named Jose Maria Verdugo established the title to the Rancho San Rafael.  The Rancho included most of today's Glendale, Burbank, Eagle Rock and Highland Park.  When he died in 1831 he passed his title on to his son and daughter.  30 years later the two of them split the Rancho between them.  After a series of divisions took place, the courts decided to dissolve the Rancho San Rafael, known as the "Great Partition".  Once the land was divided there were many homes and business established.  There were six other land owners that contributed to create the original 150 acre town site which was named GLENDALE in 1887.

The city was the incorporated in 1906 and consisted of 1,486 acres.  By the time 1930 rolled around there had been ten additional annexations which brought the area to be a total of 15,140 acres.  By 1952, the city had grown to be approximately 29 square miles.  After the largest annexation of the George Deukemejian Wilderness Park, the city ended at 30.5 square miles.

Today the city is divided into 34 neighborhoods.  You can find Glendale to be divided by streets, washes, and mountain ridges.  Glendale is also divided into Census Tracts.  Tract boundaries were established for the purpose of accumulating statistical information for the United States Bureau of the Census.

What kind of weather does Glendale have?
This city enjoys a very mild climate with an average high of about 77 degrees.  Rainfall averages to about 18 inches a year.  Daytime wind currents usually travel from south to north and nighttime goes from north to south.  In the mountains, daytime winds go uphill and nighttime goes down.


Glendale's Neighborhoods
With nearly 200,000 residents, you can find a busy commercial and cultural center, with a blend of small businesses, multi-national corporations and special event venues such as the legendary Alex Theater .  Glendale has been able to retain it's "small town" atmosphere" with each neighborhood displaying it's own unique style.  Tree shaded streets, mountain ridges, wilderness reserves and historical tracts of the Spanish Colonial homes, make Glendale California  a very attractive place to live.

Glendale Neighborhoods offer a diverse and affordable mix of housing.  Many of the single family homes were developed in the 1920's development.  You can find Spanish Colonial, Mediterranean and Tudor Revival home styles.  There is a diversity of large impressive homes as well as moderate and affordable housing.   Glendale is suited for every income level, need and lifestyle.  You will find that Glendale presents a number of residential opportunities from which to choose.




Education and Libraries
The Glendale Unified School District is committed to helping students meet high standards which will prepare them to become productive citizens. The District is committed to providing a safe and supportive school environment which values high quality teaching and learning.

Glendale Community College is one of California's largest two-year colleges, and it maintains a state-wide reputation for excellence with superb faculty and a comprehensive range of programs for all types of interests.

The Glendale Public Library provides services, materials and activities to enrich life, foster literacy, inspire intellectual curiosity and stimulate the imagination.

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