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My Business Sense 

At age 19 Vahe`'s desire and ambition took him away from his friends and family to study abroad in the United Kingdom and subsequently to the United States. He attended college and graduated from University of Southern California Law Center. while in school worked with a reputable litigation firm  practicing real estate and commercial litigation in Los Angeles. He soon realized that, sales was what he loved the most. Vahe`obtained his real estate sales License in 1985 and left the firm, to pursue his dream. 

He also became a Certified Real Estate Appraiser and Environmental Inspector in 1991. He is also certified by National Association of Realtor's to negotiate Short Sales and Foreclosures with financial institutions.

Vahe`'s dedication to his family, friends and clients has earned him respect in the community where he lives and works. He serves in many organizations throughout the Los Angeles area. He also serves as an Arbitrator for the local board of Realtor's to enforce The Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics. 

Vahe`'s extensive real estate background has helped him build respect in the industry-also tremendous referral system. He truly loves his vocation.

My Philosophy 

"The simple truth: No matter how much you might believe that your work is nothing more than what you do to make money, your work makes you who you are because it is where you put your time" 

"We are what we do, and the more we do it, the more we become it." 

"By giving a job your time, you are giving it your conscientiousness. Eventually it will fill your life with the reality that it presents." 

"You should think of work as vocation, which comes from the Latin word for "colleague", which comes from the word for "voice". In those meanings, it touches on what work really should be - something that calls to you, that gives voice to who you are and what you want to say to the world." 

"If you find a vocation, embrace it. You have found the way to contribute to the world with love." 


My Personal World

Vahe' attended Glendale Community College and later,
 University of Southern California. 
While in school, Vahe' met his loving, beautiful Wife and they married in 1983. They have two sons. Patrick,  graduated CSUN's  school of business and real estate development  and Eric, has graduated USC's
 Marshall School of Business.
Both are currently involved in commercial  real estate in 
Downtown Los Angeles. 
Vahe`enjoys spending quality time with his family, skiing, bicycling, traveling, and equestrian polo. 

Vahe` Dilanian
Vahe` Dilanian
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